Computer vision is a powerful technology that enables businesses to make better operational decisions based on real world data. This system is particularly useful for the retail and restaurant industries, especially during a time when competitive advantages are paramount.

Benefits for Retail

Retail brick and mortar stores can apply computer vision to do anything from solve theft detection and security issues to power sales and marketing initiatives. Stores can:

Leverage Customer Data

  • Retail stores can use data to increase brand loyalty by identifying repeat customers. Past purchase data is an asset to businesses that want to personalize the in-store experience and improve inventory strategy.

Make Geofencing More Targeted

  • While geofencing has already been used to send discounts and ads to customers’ smartphones, computer vision can make discounts even more targeted and offer suggestions based off of past purchases.

Take Advantage of Automated Payments

  • Similar to Amazon Go, computer vision can shorten lines, improve the customer experience, and shift employees to new tasks.

Benefits for Fast Casual

With computer vision, dine-in restaurants can keep their brick and mortar concept while introducing ECommerce capabilities. Here are the advantages:

Know your bounce rate

  • Ecommerce websites have always been able to see how many people bounced from their platform; with computer vision, restaurants can see who is leaving without ordering their food.

Improve the Customer Experience

  • By using data about who is coming and going, restaurants can make better decisions and managers can intervene when a customer experiences a longer than usual wait time or other negative experience.

Stay Competitive

  • Ecommerce websites and third parties like UberEats have historically had more advantages over physical restaurants. Empowered by more data, brick and mortar stores can level the playing field.

Benefits for QSR

Quick-service restaurants that use computer vision can better manage operational and staffing strategies, predict and solve bottlenecks, and maximize revenue. QSRs can:

Make Better Decisions

  • Restaurant owners used to make staffing and operational decisions based on assumptions. With computer vision, that can change. Operators are enabled to make better operating decisions, more quickly.

Identify Bottlenecks

  • Thanks to strategically-placed cameras and AI, computer vision can measure drive-thru line lengths and wait times in real time. Managers will get an alert to their device to rectify any critical situation as soon as possible. They also benefit from reports that inform staffing strategy based on time and day.

Analyze & Plan

  • Computer vision allows QSRs to boost revenue and efficiency through analyzing and planning. The solution provides a high-level view of metrics across locations so large chains can predict issues and attend to low-performing stores.

How Computer Vision Can Revolutionize the Drive Thru

Computer vision is a valuable addition to drive-thru operations and is mutually beneficial for restaurants and guests. With this technology, you can:

Offer Personalization

  • Powered by computer vision, dynamic drive thru menu boards have a variety of capabilities that support personalization. These menu boards drive customer satisfaction through customized menu options that adjust based on preferences, time of day, inventory, and more. The repeat guest identification feature accounts for allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences to deliver the best service possible.

Humanize the Guest Experience

  • Customers used to be able to walk into a store and be recognized as a regular. Computer vision is like a return to the good ol’ days, but better. The technology provides drive-thru restaurants with insights that, when applied, show customers they are known and valued. It goes beyond what a human could remember and makes sure the guest experience is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Be Confident in the Solution

  • While technology allows much more visibility into what is going on in restaurants, it is also designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, and enables guests to rediscover what hospitality and the human experience mean again. Restaurants get the best of both worlds: computer vision data improves decision-making to streamline operations, and enables personalized service, demonstrating to customers that they are valued.

Presto Quick Serve

Presto Quick Serve is a powerful solution designed to help drive-thru restaurants personalize the guest experience and improve operations. Our computer vision technology enables QSR operators to know what is going on at their locations in real time. Presto improves staffing and operations, maximizes revenue, and gives businesses a valuable advantage in an increasingly competitive space. Learn more about our quick serve technology platform today and see how you can optimize your drive thru.