Keep Employees & Customers Safe

Presto Quick Serve can help you take orders and payments while achieving complete peace of mind by minimizing human contact. The platform includes various technologies such as drive-thru kiosks, staff handheld tablets, and smartwatches for managers.

During this crisis, we are offering you our platform absolutely free with no contractual obligations.

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We know that time is of the essence right now. So we are offering our platform completely free & without any contractual obligations. Our teams are ready to get the Presto solutions running at your stores in just a few days.

Stay Safe

Offer employees & customers touchless ordering / payment for both drive-thru and the parking lot.

Prevent Fraud

Get the highest level of security with EMV & P2P encryption. “Store & forward” enables payments in the absence of network connectivity.


When demand eventually picks up, use Presto to scale easily, increase throughput, and improve customer loyalty.

Product Details

Presto Quick Serve includes a whole range of solutions designed to help your business.

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Drive-Thru Kiosk

By placing a drive-thru kiosk at the window, you can enable customers to order and pay without the need for human contact. Wipes or hand sanitizer can be put nearby.

Line Buster

Staff can enter orders, take contactless payments, and pull up guest profiles with past orders & customizations -- all from 6-feet away.

Computer Vision

Measure & optimize your service line using a couple of cameras & artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to achieve the highest operational efficiency.


Managers can receive alerts in real time on line lengths, wait times, bottlenecks, and customer issues to ensure timely intervention.

Speech Recognition

Provide speedy service with voice recognition, personalization, and satisfaction measurement based on a real time voice analysis.

In-Store Kiosk

Enable in-store on-demand ordering with our highly secure kiosk supporting a wide range of payment options.

Tabletop Re-order

Help your guests to re-order food & desserts, make payments, and play games from the table.

Staff Handheld

Scale with our staff handheld tablets that can be used anywhere to enter orders, take payments, and speed up lines -- especially if you are short staffed due to sickness.