The Presto Story

How many MIT students does it take to split a check?

While the question might sound facetious, it inspired Raj Suri to envision a tablet on every restaurant table -- 3 years before the iPad came out. But with the restaurant industry already lagging behind in technology adoption, that vision is still far from reality.

Raj dropped out of his doctoral program at MIT. He spent a year as a server, dedicating 16 hours a day to waiting tables and learning how a restaurant works. And he created the first Presto “pay at table” product -- a Frankenstein device consisting of a tablet and a payment device stuck together with duct tape. But the device worked, guests were delighted, and restaurant managers started queuing up. Suri then moved to Silicon Valley, corralled the best design and engineering talent he could find, and built a truly world-class product.

10 years later, Presto continues to be driven by its original DNA as it brings the most innovative and secure front-of-house technologies to the restaurant industry. Presto now offers a highly customizable platform that includes powerful solutions for guests, servers, and managers alike. The enterprise-grade platform is currently used by over half of the top restaurant chains in the country and adoption continues to grow aggressively.

What’s Next?

Presto remains committed to changing the face of this age-old industry with innovative technologies. We know it will take more than just bringing a tablet to every table or server. So we have introduced numerous other technologies such as computer vision, personalization, self-serve kiosks, mobile app SDK, line-busting tablets, wearables, and predictive artificial intelligence.

So how many MIT students does it take to split a check? Apparently just one. But they are likely to revolutionize the industry while they are at it.

We invite you to experience the power of Presto for yourself. Welcome aboard!

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