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“I immediately noticed after implementing AI that we were moving cars through the drive-thru much more quickly. With Presto, the drive-thru runs much more smoothly, and we are preventing drive-offs and growing order counts.”

"By the third week of our Presto Voice pilot, we had an additional hour of labor savings every week until we achieved five labor hours saved on the schedule."

Anthea Yates, Sr. District Manager at Hardee’s Mountain/Smoky Star

Patrick O'Neill, Franchise Area Director at Galardi Group

Benefits for Drive-thru Operators

With Presto Voice, you can mitigate the impact of the labor shortage, supercharge upsell, and provide a superior guest experience.

  • Labor Cost Savings & Greater Staff Retention
  • Higher Revenue through Consistent Upsell
  • Faster Service & Happier Customers

With Presto Voice in place, labor costs fall and employee satisfaction goes up! You gain a reliable assistant to take care of repetitive tasks round the clock. Employee satisfaction increases and retention of your most valuable staff members improves.

Presto Voice has a direct impact on your revenue. It can upsell approximately 80% of the time and has demonstrated up to a 6% increase in revenue from the drive-thru.

Presto Voice minimizes delays due to staff miscommunication and human errors. As a result, customers receive orders faster and just how they want them.
Happy staff.Drive-thru speaker box image showing a visual of the upsell with a soft drink and churros being offered.faster_service

Presto Voice is the restaurant industry’s most widely adopted platform for drive-thru voice automation.

The friendly, human-like AI voice assistant is available 24/7, always operates at peak efficiency, and never forgets to upsell.

Voice in Action

Presto Voice is an AI-Driven System with human oversight.

Custom Voices

The Custom Voices add-on service enables guests to talk to celebrities, mascots, characters, or any other custom voice while placing an order.


Why Choose Presto Voice?

We offer the restaurant industry’s most widely adopted drive-thru voice assistant, driven by powerful AI with advanced human supervision. Our automated drive-thru solution has the richest feature set, is easy to install at scale, offers 24/7 availability, and delivers proven ROI.


non-intervention rate


labor savings per store


upsell revenue per store


More Up-sell Attempts

Up to 95%

non-intervention rate

Up to $1.5K+/mo

labor savings per store

Up to 6%

monthly incremental upsell revenue

Up to 80%

upsell offer rate

Champions in Automation

Thanks to our superior AI engine augmented by advanced human supervision, Presto Voice consistently takes up to 95% of drive-thru orders without any restaurant staff intervention.

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Tested & Proven at Scale

With over 300 million transactions completed and 277,000 devices deployed, we have the experience to quickly deploy our product at scale across thousands of stores nationwide.

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Big Chains Trust Us

We are proud to be serving many of the top restaurant chains across the nation.

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Easy Onboarding

Our system installs in just a few hours without requiring any disruption in your existing operations. It automatically ingests your menu and seamlessly connects with your existing systems (e.g., POS, confirmation board, drive-thru speaker).

Discover how Presto Voice can deliver magical results for your drive-thru.