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“I immediately noticed after implementing AI that we were moving cars through the drive-thru much more quickly. With Presto, the drive-thru runs much more smoothly, and we are preventing drive-offs and growing order counts.”

"By the third week of our Presto Voice pilot, we had an additional hour of labor savings every week until we achieved five labor hours saved on the schedule."

Anthea Yates, Sr. District Manager at Hardee’s Mountain/Smoky Star

Patrick O'Neill, Franchise Area Director at Galardi Group

Fast Installation. Proven ROI.

A typical installation of Presto Voice™ takes just a few hours and requires no disruption of your drive-thru operations. And once deployed, the results are magical!



Number of Presto products deployed across the nation.

Up to1FTE

Labor Cost Savings

Estimated annual labor cost savings using Presto Voice.

Up to 1%

Revenue Increase

Example single-store monthly incremental upsell revenue using Presto Voice.

Presto Voice Location Maporeder
  • Proven at Scale
  • Greater Reliability

Proven at Scale

Presto’s AI-driven systems, augmented with advanced human supervision, power an ever-increasing number of drive-thrus. With over 277,000 products deployed, we have the experience and expertise to quickly operationalize enterprise-grade systems at scale.

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Greater Reliability

Presto Voice operates at peak efficiency 24/7 all year round. Up to 95% of guest orders are taken with no restaurant staff intervention.

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