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The New PrestoPrime EMV Terminal is Here.

It's the Best Pay-At-Table Experience Available

The PrestoPrime EMV Terminal is the only pay-at-table solution with:


Full EMV

Accepts both Chip and PIN and Chip and Signature EMV transactions



Only tabletop solution with a fully integrated PIN Pad, enabling PIN Debit savings


POS Out of Scope

Allowing for P2PE transactions, removing POS systems from scope

Restaurants across the nation are already enjoying the transformational benefits of the Presto System


Faster Table Turns

30% increase in table turns during peak hours when the Presto System is used for ordering and payment.

Collect 20X more guest feedback surveys

Make more informed business decisions with 500-700 monthly guests providing detailed feedback on service, food and ambience.

Optimize Labor Utilization

Generate Front-of-House efficiencies.


Who's Using

By following the Presto System's Best Practices, these benefits collectively can generate more than $50,000 in extra pre-tax restaurant profit annually


Turn tables faster to reduce wait time, improve guest satisfaction, and increase revenue.


The Presto System never forgets to upsell. Generate additional revenue from existing guests.


Optimize FOH resources improving overall server compensation with higher tips.


Interactive menus and games increase guest engagement.

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