Presto’s new technology package consists of next-gen vision, voice, and touch technologies that are especially designed to help restaurants effectively navigate the ongoing labor shortage.

Presto, the leading provider of enterprise-grade restaurant technologies, has launched its Staff Multiplier technology package to help combat the labor shortage. Coming out of the pandemic, the restaurant industry is going through another crisis – a dramatic decline in restaurant labor. As restaurants reopen, insufficient capacity can hinder revenues from bouncing back and many customers may be lost forever. Presto’s technology package is specifically designed to help quick and full-service restaurants fully reopen and scale – even with limited staff.

Presto Staff Multiplier includes a variety of technologies designed to enable restaurants to increase the guest-to-staff ratio, improve speed and quality of service, identify bottlenecks, and offer guests a superior experience. Technologies in the package include:

  • Vision: Using a few cameras, restaurants track throughput and order accuracy, identify issues, and implement real-time solutions.
  • Line Buster / Server Assistant: Staff handheld tablets are deployed in the drive-thru or across the floor to enter orders, take payments, and pull up loyalty information.
  • Voice: Guests place orders in a natural conversational style via highly accurate automated speech recognition even in the noisiest environments.
  • Pay at Table: Secure tablets enable guests to order food and drinks, make payments, and complete surveys at the table or via a kiosk.
  • QR Code: Guests use their own mobile devices to view the complete menu, place orders, and pay without the need for any human contact.

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is one of the most talked-about destinations on Long Island, New York. It prides itself in providing superior quality of service and a cool vibe. Over the past few months, the restaurant has been able to double their tables in use without hiring more front-of-house staff — thanks to Presto’s technology package. Returning staff are excited, guests are happier, and the business is showing robust growth.

“It’s critical to reopen fast, make an amazing first impression, and wow guests. We are putting out wanted ads on social media, signs on the road, and ads on websites, but with minimal bites. With Presto, our servers can bus twice as many tables and make more money in tips,” says Rose Vasta, Tasting House manager at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard in New York.

Signature Plates is a Chicago, Illinois-based fast casual restaurant that was launched last year in the middle of the pandemic. Using Presto’s technology, the restaurant has been able to reduce labor costs by almost 40%. New staff members can operate at peak efficiency from their very first day. The technology also provides a safer, more efficient ordering and payment environment with real-time visibility into the business.

“As my restaurant scales, hiring is the single biggest challenge. We are getting fewer applicants and they want more money. With Presto’s technology, I can operate at full capacity and am looking to expand to two other locations,” says Dequandre Williams, owner and executive chef at Signature Plates in Chicago, Illinois.

“In these initial days of the reopening, guest experience will determine a restaurant’s ability to rebuild a happy customer base. Presto’s technology shelters restaurants from the uncertainties of the labor market by allowing them to increase staff productivity while maximizing guest happiness,” says Rajat Suri, founder and CEO of Presto. “The key is to deploy and integrate technology early on to stay ahead of the curve.”

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