Presto Vision enables real-time alerts and optimization of restaurant operations, thanks to its powerful application of AI video processing.

Presto, the creator of the restaurant industry’s only end-to-end FOH technology platform, announced today the launch of Presto Vision—the first comprehensive computer vision product for restaurants. Cameras are discreetly placed in restaurant lobbies and dining areas to analyze real-time behavior of staff and guests, while the system uses AI to alert managers of opportunities to optimize restaurant operations. Presto Vision joins Presto’s comprehensive suite of products that empower restaurant operators to reduce operation costs and drive revenue, while elevating the guest experience.

“We expect Presto Vision to bring about a tectonic shift in the restaurant industry,” said Rajat Suri, Founder and CEO of Presto. “E-commerce websites have always had detailed analytics on how customers navigate their sites, but restaurants never have had access to this information in their physical stores.”

Computer vision is designed to assist people in automatically detecting a wide range of visual information. The AI technology is being used in manufacturing and medicine to provide automated inspection, quality control, and image processing. It’s also used in retail applications such as Amazon Go for a more personalized shopping experience and seamless transactions. 

Casual dining chain Outback Steakhouse is currently piloting Presto Vision at several restaurants of its franchisee Evergreen Restaurant Group. Cameras are placed in the lobby to analyze interactions between hosts, waiters, and guests. For example, the technology can track and automatically alert staff of noteworthy events, such as long waits or guest bounce rates. “With this product, restaurants can now have access to critical insights on how their stores actually work,” said Rajat. “This helps them provide better service, operate more efficiently, and reduce overhead.”

Presto Vision joins a robust suite of FOH technology devices that work in tandem to deliver critical restaurant operating insights and tools to servers and staff. Presto’s first signature product, the PrestoPrime tabletop terminal, allows guests to order and pay at the table, while the Presto Handheld Server Assistant allows servers to place orders from the table. Presto Wearables provide managers real-time alerts about events detected by Presto Vision. Presto is used by 10 out of the top 20 restaurant chains including Applebee’s, Chili’s, and Outback Steakhouse.