The main thing that quick-service restaurants should be doing right now is to make their game plan for once shutdown regulations have been lifted. COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on the restaurant industry. Operators who pivot quickly to adapting to these changes will see quicker returns in profit, as well as the opportunity to thrive when guest demands have been reset again. Here are our quick tips for quick-service restaurants to get started on preparing immediately.

Double Down On Marketing to Drive Traffic

In the post-pandemic climate, restaurant marketers will need to remain sensitive to guest sentiment in their tone, wording, and visuals. Yet they should still be as open and communicative as possible. Complement the reopening of dining rooms with highlights on the new sanitary procedures your restaurants are taking to ensure a safe guest experience.

Connect with Guests Digitally

Offer a “no human contact” experience, but connect with your guests by using personalization through technology. Kiosks allow guests to sign in and claim rewards, as well as reorder favorites and receive personalized recommendations. Personalization also allows restaurant marketers to enhance loyalty programs with targeted promotions to encourage repeat visits.

Optimize Staffing Schedules

Paid sick leave could be the new norm across the restaurant industry, and operators might need to reduce staffing to lessen crowding. As a result, restaurants need to have a system in place to instantly handle days with less staff. Computer Vision measures line lengths, wait times, and opt-out rates in real time so managers can determine peak traffic times and optimize staffing schedules.

Offer Self-Checkout Options

Minimize contact between staff and guests with kiosks, while still keeping the restaurant experience as seamless as possible. For example, In-Store Kiosks free up counter staff for cleaning and the kitchen to accommodate for online orders. Self-checkout overall will grow in popularity as people seek to lessen direct contact with each other.

Increase Throughput to Prepare for the Surge In Demand

Quick-service restaurant brands need solutions that make their off-premise operations more efficient to handle the increased demand, at scale, and without needing to hire more staff. In-Store Kiosks free up counter staff for cleaning and the kitchen to accommodate for online orders. Drive-thru operators can speed up lines and eliminate opt-outs by taking orders and payments at the car window with Line Busters.

The key to providing your customers with what they truly need during this difficult time is to meet both their physical and emotional needs with products and protocols that calm and serve them. Presto Quick Serve can help you take orders and payments while achieving complete peace of mind by minimizing human contact. The platform includes various technologies such as drive-thru kiosks, staff handheld tablets, and smartwatches for managers. During this crisis, we are offering you our platform absolutely free with no contractual obligations.

This blog contains excerpts from a white paper covering further research and tips for how restaurants can thrive in the new normal. To receive the full white paper, please contact