Did you know the number of data breaches increased by over 40% since 2016? Restaurants are key victims for these attacks, so how
important is it to have the most up-to-date and secure restaurant technology today?

Though food quality and dining experience are all necessary components that drives restaurant traffic, owners are likely to lose business if guests feel that their transactions are not safely secured when dining out. Businesses without the highest level of payment security, such as EMV and P2PE certification are most vulnerable to hackers due to the lack of secure infrastructure for their systems. Laura Chadwick, National Restaurant Association’s director of commerce and entrepreneurship, estimated the cost of a recovery from a breach is estimated to be $50,000 or more. Not only is there a financial loss with having a compromised security system, there is a loss of good faith with guests as they feel their payments are not secured.

The PrestoPrime™ EMV System and Terminal is built with the most up-to-date security measures that includes EMV and PCI-PTS certification to deliver your guests the peace of mind they deserve with its pay-at-table technology. Some key benefits include:

  • L3 Certification with EMV, the highest level of certification for EMV and payments
  • SRED encrypted magnetic stripe allowing for PCI-P2PE transactions, removing POS systems from PCI scope
  • Fully integrated keypad allowing easy and secure PIN entry
  • Future-proof and international-ready with both Chip-and-PIN and Chip-and-Signature capability
  • Dual processor table-top system with a secure partitioned payment module, guaranteeing secure EMV security

Despite these breaches, studies from Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Restaurant Technology Study showed that only 38% of restaurants viewed technology investments as their strategic priority for 2017 and only placed it as their third highest goal for 2017. Perhaps, investment in technology should be the number one priority for restaurants in 2018. To learn more about the PrestoPrime EMV System https://presto.com/restaurant-tablet-ordering-system/, sign up for our newsletter.