Restaurant software meets several challenges in the restaurant industry by delivering data insights, improving operations, and creating a smooth guest experience. It was needed pre-pandemic to meet high consumer demand, and it is needed now to enable restaurants to survive and thrive, both in 2021 and the years to come.

In the world of restaurant software, integration is queen. When researching technologies for your business, it is important to choose one that functions seamlessly with the other softwares that you’ve deployed. With clearly defined goals and ROI research, your business is sure to maximize potential and withstand the highs and lows as we draw nearer to a post-pandemic world.

From guests to managers, to operators, everyone gains advantages from restaurant software. So what are the key benefits to an integrated solution?

Guests Experience a Smooth Process

1. Guests Can Add Themselves to Automated Waitlists

One of the primary benefits customers gain from an integrated solution is a smooth experience. When they book a reservation or are put on the waitlist, guests are already in an uncertain situation, so they hold out hope that the process will be an easy one. Powered by predictive analytics, table management software provides customers with more accurate wait times so they can plan their day better.

Guests can add themselves to the waitlist through booking reservations straight from their laptop or smartphone. To make things convenient, customers may choose to opt in to receive SMS notifications about the status of their table. Some solutions even support remote check in, which limits guest contact while people are waiting in an in-person line.

2. Better Designed Surveys Allow More Useful Feedback

Guest surveys are integral to continual improvement of operations and an enhanced customer experience. With a short survey, customers can communicate directly to the restaurant that they visited to express what they liked, or what could have been done better. Survey management software opens the door to on-brand questions that enable customers to provide the specific kind of feedback operators are looking for.

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Staff Funnel In More Orders

Restaurants are realizing the unique power of offering multiple service channels, which will continue to benefit them in the post-pandemic world. Whether a customer gets their food at the table, drive thru, curbside, or via takeout or delivery, your staff will need a streamlined way of filtering through orders. Having multiple touch points in your restaurant ecosystem helps everyone, and with the right restaurant management software, your employees will be enabled to manage on-premise and online ordering with ease. With a digital transformation underway, it would be hard to deny the primacy that online ordering is taking in the restaurant industry.

Managers & Operators Learn from Data

Managers and operators use restaurant technology to manage everything from inventory, to waitlists, to online reservations. However, many of them experience first-hand the frustration of siloed technologies that can’t talk to each other. Having a disjointed system makes it difficult to determine customer satisfaction, impedes efficiency, and negatively impacts the bottom line. If data is king, integration is queen. With integrated software, managers and operators can learn from data and leverage it to streamline operations, improve guest happiness, and retain customers through improved marketing efforts.

1. Managers Gain Visibility Into the True Guest Experience

Restaurant software allows managers access to analytics, reports, and surveys all under one roof. The technology removes the need to manually reenter data, which improves reporting accuracy. Automated surveys open the door to increased visibility into the true guest experience. When managers have confidence in the accuracy of guest surveys, they can make informed improvements on safety, service speed, and food quality.

2. Operators Eliminate Bottlenecks & Increase Loyalty

Operators benefit greatly from restaurant software when it seamlessly integrates front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) technology. Deploying this type of system eliminates unnecessary bottlenecks. With a full integration of POS systems, loyalty programs, scheduling software, and more, operators can improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience.

Restaurant software also equips operators with data insights and the ability to create guest profiles. Together, these capabilities help them guide marketing efforts and increase loyalty. Guest profiles show customer’s dietary preferences, allergies and past orders so that they receive personalized recommendations. Software that incorporates loyalty integration is extremely valuable, because it allows guests to easily redeem rewards, and operators can watch as the system brings back more repeat customers eager to cash in on their perks.

Presto Technology Enables Full Integration

Our integration-first restaurant technologies give your business the data it needs to improve operational efficiency and personalize the guest experience at scale. Our contactless ordering and payment solutions integrate with your existing POS systems to help you upgrade with no disruptions. Managers gain access to data, reporting, and surveys all in one place, which makes it easy to understand guest sentiment and enhance the guest experience. Customers can give their feedback through automated surveys and receive personalized recommendations based on their unique preferences. Do you need an integrated restaurant software technology? Contact to learn more or visit