Presto, the restaurant industry’s leading enterprise technology platform, today announces the launch of a referral program for its free Contactless Dining Kit. The referral program—called Presto Preferred Partner Program—provides an easy mechanism for existing customers, industry influencers, restaurant suppliers, and consumers to recommend new restaurants.

Since launching the Contactless Dining Kit, Presto has received orders from over 7,000 restaurants including enterprise restaurant chains and small business owners in 22 countries across 5 continents, and all 50 states, with categories spanning from quick serve to fine dining. The Preferred Partner Program is a strategy for incentivizing key stakeholders and partners to help further expand the market adoption of the kit. The program offers a cash incentive of $300 for every restaurant that goes live and meets all contractual obligations for a period of 90 days. Additional channel partner incentives are available for larger partners.

“The free Contactless Dining Kit is already helping many restaurants reopen with confidence during these difficult times,” says Rajat Suri, Founder and CEO of Presto. “The Preferred Partner Program makes it easier for our customers, industry leaders, and consumers to spread the message about a solution they have come to love.”

How It Works

Referrals through this program can be submitted at Once a referral is submitted, the restaurant gets an invitation to order a Contactless Dining Kit. If they “go live” with the kit and meet the minimum agreement requirements for a 90-day period, the referring individual (or entity) gets a $300 cash reward.

  • Presto Customers – This program is a great way for existing Presto customers to share their experiences with other restaurants. The restaurants they refer could be other franchisees within their group, independent entities, or their corporate chain.
  • Influencers – Chefs, bloggers, and other industry influencers can use this program to drive awareness about a powerful technology that is revolutionizing the restaurant industry during COVID-19.
  • Restaurant Suppliers – Vendors and other businesses with existing relationships with restaurants can use this program to make their customers aware about a useful, powerful, and free technology—while generating additional revenue for themselves.
  • Consumers – Consumers have their favorite restaurants that they cannot wait to go back to. However, many are apprehensive about their safety. With this program, they can now request restaurants to deploy contactless dining and make them feel safer.

The extremely popular Presto Contactless Dining Kit is completely free to restaurants of all sizes and categories, and allows guests to use their personal mobile devices to scan NFC tags and QR codes, view the complete menu, place orders, and pay with their phone at the table—without the need for touching any foreign surface or any contact with people outside of their dining party. Designed to be deployed in an hour, the kit helps restaurants operate efficiently under local regulations and public health guidelines, and also permits guests to check in online using their smartphone, view wait-time estimates in real time, and receive an alert when their table is ready. To learn more about the kit, visit