Because of the pandemic, consumers are prioritizing convenience, which has resulted in a surge in takeout orders. According to the majority of participants in a Deloitte survey, these habits aren’t going to change anytime soon. How do restaurants adapt and thrive in the next normal? They will need to optimize their off-premise ordering channels in order to adapt to changing consumer behavior, and attract and retain customers.

Consumers don’t just prefer the ability to order from your restaurant online or via mobile; they expect it. Both your customers and your restaurant gain advantages from this feature—guests enjoy a streamlined experience, and your business stays competitive. Let’s explore the benefits of online and mobile ordering for everyone involved.

Advantages of Online and Mobile Ordering

1. Convenience for Customers

Because of the pandemic, consumers are making rapid strides in digital maturity. Restaurants have found off-premise ordering to be a lifeline and are digitizing customer engagement to keep up with raising guest standards.

The ability to place digital orders through your website or an app makes life easier for your customer, especially if they are in a situation where they are unable to make a phone call. When choosing a solution that supports online and mobile ordering, consider what features are most important to you. Some relevant features are the ability to create a mobile menu that’s easily editable online, customize takeout menu and pricing, and offer guests the option to order and pay ahead of time for takeout or over the phone.

2. Marketing Opportunity

When it comes to optimizing the off-premise ordering process, building a strong digital presence with your online takeout menu is key—in fact, it’s a form of free marketing. Make sure to update your takeout menu so you can keep your customers informed on your latest offerings and deals.

Beyond your digital presence, another way to improve your marketing strategy is by investing in a solution that supports it. If you can learn more about your customers, personalize the guest experience, and run targeted promotions, you’ll be in good shape. Don’t underestimate the power of guest surveys and reporting, which allow you to improve the quality of the experience.

3. Drive ROI

Online and mobile ordering are assets for restaurants during an age where everything is going digital. Presto chose to create QR code order and pay technology that gives restaurants a competitive advantage over businesses that rely on an app. Here at Presto we know that people don’t like taking the extra step of downloading an app. Unfortunately for businesses that offer this, the trend is to use a third party. According to Restaurant Dive, driving orders directly to restaurants’ native channels circumvents third-party commission fees that are as high as 20% to 30% per order.

Presto Contactless

Presto offers all the features described in this article and makes off-premise ordering as easy as possible. With the ability to accept orders and payments for dine-in and to-go anywhere, your restaurant will be sure to maximize revenue. To learn more visit