If the restaurant industry wasn’t facing turmoil enough already, another big hit may be coming its way – a reduction in loyalty to restaurant brands. Loyal customers are bread and butter to a brand – not only do they keep a consistent inflow of business, but because of their loyalty, they bring in other strong referrals.

However, the tides may be changing as the share of wallet may be directed toward other expenses, including travel and personal services. In fact, AlixPartners polled more than 1,000 U.S. consumers in February and found that half of the respondents hoped to save money by eating out less. Not to mention, more and more people are using services such as UberEATS and DoorDash in order to dine in the comfort of their own home and watch streaming services such as Netflix and HBO NOW. Additionally, the average spending per meal reported by consumers in the survey for the past 12 months was $15.38, so fast-casual and QSR restaurants will continue to infringe on the casual dining space.

While this may seem like concerning news, there is a way for restaurant operators to act to improve customer loyalty by providing a better guest experience. How? Dining-room technology plays an integral part in streamlining the table-service dining experience. 42% of Millennials say, “they find technology ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ influential to their decision to dine out.”

The PrestoPrime™ EMV System offers your guests the flexibility they demand. Gone are the days where guests want to sit around waiting for a server to take their order and bring them their bill. Furthermore, your guests want to be rewarded for their recurring visitations. The PrestoPrime System will allow you to keep customers’ loyalty and engagements. Benefits include:

  • Loyalty integration: The PrestoPrime System is an extension of your POS. If you have a loyalty program, the PrestoPrime System will recognize sign-ups, accrual and redemption seamlessly.
  • Order: Guests can select and order menu items, accompanied with pictures and descriptions.
  • Play: While guests wait for their food, they can play a multitude of different games – from group trivia, to children’s centric games, to the individual player. Games make the dining experience more enjoyable and will keep your guests coming back for more.
  • Pay: A top frustration for many guests is waiting for a server to bring them their check at the end of their meal. The PrestoPrime EMV System allows guests to pay at their convenience, offering flexible payment options which include Chip-and-PIN, PIN debit as well as mobile payment.