States and municipalities across the country are moving towards reopening restaurant in-house dining. New restrictions to minimize human contact and maximize social distancing are also being enforced. As guests return, they will have higher expectations for hygiene and safety.

Is your restaurant ready to operate under these new restrictions and guest expectations? According to an April survey of diners across the nation, a large majority of guests will want to continue to maintain distance from staff members and use contactless payment methods. As a result, operators will need to be strategic about limiting interactions between guests and staff members to ensure that guests feel safe enough to return.

While restaurant reopenings are a promising sign for the industry, international data shows that guest traffic recovery will be slow as consumer confidence remains fragile. Your restaurants will need to go above and beyond to restore guest trust. This means prioritizing the safety of your guests and staff members, while serving guests as quickly as possible to promote table turn in the midst of capacity constraints.

As a national market, technology, and thought leader in the restaurant industry with over 11 years of deploying order-and-pay solutions for restaurant dining rooms, we want to help the restaurant industry survive and thrive through the use of innovative technology. Our new Contactless Dining Kit enables restaurants to operate in an environment that can reassure customers about their personal safety.

What Is the Contactless Dining Kit? Presto Contactless Dining Kit enables your restaurant to provide an end-to-end contactless dining experience to your guests. It is end-to-end in the sense that guests can view the complete menu, place orders, and pay at the table—without the need for any human contact.Here are a few safe but innovative technologies available in the kit:

  • Contactless Menu: After being seated, guests can access the menu by scanning the QR code sticker or tent card on their table. They can view the full menu, add items to their order, and view the check using their phone. Optionally, they also have access to their loyalty rewards and prior customizations.
  • Contactless Order: Once they place the order, it is displayed on the Presto Tablet next to the POS device. The system allows additional items to be added to your POS device at any time.
  • Contactless Payment: When guests are ready to leave, their check can be posted via the Presto Tablet and they can pay the check securely using their own phone.

Benefits of Presto Contactless Dining Kit

By deploying the Contactless Dining Kit, your restaurant can remove unsanitized items that are frequently touched by staff and guests from the dine-in experience. These include items such as physical menus, beverage playbooks, cash, credit cards, and receipts. By offering a contactless digital menu, your manager can also easily update menus via an online portal, rather than redesigning and printing out menus on paper. In addition, guests placing their own orders tend to engage with the menu longer and spend more.

Our contactless solution helps your restaurant ensure it meets social distancing restrictions and makes your guests feel safe. The guest will not need to interact with staff members from the start to end of their meal, except for when a runner brings the food to the table while wearing a mask and gloves. The food can be covered when delivered to the table for additional peace of mind.

In addition, the Contactless Dining Kit allows guests to place their order and pay the check at their leisure, without needing to wait for staff members. The typically dine-in payment experience requires a server to make multiple trips between the guest’s table and POS terminal. Contactless payment takes away the frustrating wait time, and allows a guest to pay and leave when they need to.

Thrive in the New COVID-19 Normal

The Presto Contactless Dining Kit helps promote table turnover and operational efficiency. It enables you to operate at the maximum permissible capacity while offering guests complete peace of mind. It also helps you redeploy your front-of-house staff into other roles such as promotions or to-go orders.

Get set up with the kit in less than an hour. Deployment is easy and takes less than an hour in most cases. Additionally, we are tracking state and local regulations to make sure that the kit helps you comply with the new restrictions for minimizing human contact and maximizing social distancing.

Complete this form to get more information on the Presto Contactless Dining Kit and reserve your spot. This is a popular kit and the offer is valid only while supplies last.