With dining room closures and shelter-in-place regulations, more guests are utilizing off-premise options to order food from their favorite restaurants. Recently, we have seen some successful tablet stations in the parking lot for both food ordering and payments. Presto would like to help enable your team to do the same. By using your existing dining room Presto technology, restaurants can get carside to-go with tablets up and running in a few days. Here is how restaurants can optimize Presto Pay At Table or To-Go Kiosk for carside to-go in their parking lots, while protecting the health of both their staff and guests.

Set Up Carside To-Go Stations

Create a main to-go station by using a tent and one of your existing dining tables. Position them on the curb or in the parking lot. Place the Presto device on the table alongside wet wipes, or paper towels and disinfectant, that are available for staff and guests to freely use. Set up a sign that clearly displays that you are accepting orders at the station, and that cars can pull up to order and pay.Set up carside to-go stations with high top or folding tray tables near parking spaces. Spread them out so that there is room between cars that are pulled in. Use the tables to place tablets or food orders on. This will allow staff to set something on the table and step away before the guest opens their window. Staff and guests never need to interact directly next to each other using this method. Keep extra units available for staff to bring them to cars for payments.

Extend Wifi Coverage

To ensure that your devices still connect to your restaurant network from the parking lot, we will help vet and work with your team to order a WiFi range extender. As a temporary solution, this can be securely tied to your existing store wireless network. It can be moved around easily via an extension cord, and run to outside of your building to your main tent or station. These can be easily shipped directly to your store in as quickly as 2 days. We will work with you to enable your staff to set up the extension cord and range extender to quickly gain an additional 100+ feet of WiFi coverage around your building. This allows guests to pay directly from their cars without having to get out, maximizing safety for your staff and guests.

Interested In This Solution?

The Presto team can coordinate with your staff to get an effective solution in place for your carside to-go operations quickly. We are hoping to inspire restaurants to achieve what is possible during these trying times. Presto wants to enable your team’s safety and maximize the potential of technology available to you in any way we can. If you are interested or want to brainstorm solutions further, please contact your Presto representative or email info@presto.com. Stay safe!