The pandemic forced 85% of restaurants to completely reorganize their operations to meet changing consumer demands and adhere to local regulations. The adoption of contactless QR code order and pay technology skyrocketed as restaurants moved quickly to adapt. With the US reopening and regulations lifting, will contactless order and pay become a thing of the past?

Contactless is here to stay. Guests are enjoying the new norm of contactless dining, citing convenience as the primary benefit. A study by Appetize revealed that 77% of guests still prefer to pay with contactless payments after the pandemic ends. Restaurants that continue to offer QR code order and pay will have a competitive advantage in 2021. Below are 5 reasons why customers love using QR codes at restaurants:

1. Guests have more control. Enable customers to feel in charge of their dining experience. By scanning the QR code, guests can order straight from their phone without downloading an app. Customers can request modifications while placing their order and easily place add-on orders from the convenience of their phone throughout the meal.

2. Enhance guest experience. Long wait times and poor service are reported as the leading reasons why guests choose not to return to a restaurant. Placing QR codes on every table allows guests to order as soon as they sit down and pay the check when they are ready to leave. With contactless order and pay, guests no longer have to wait for a server to take their order or collect the check. They spend less time ordering and more time enjoying their meal.

3. Convenience is key. A major drive behind the QR code’s popularity is the fact that it’s so easy and convenient to use. Most smartphones have a QR code reader built into the camera. In a recent study by Upserve, 45% of consumers said that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to order from the restaurant more often.

4. Off-premise is still in demand. By providing a link to your QR Code order and pay menu, guests can order for pick-up or to-go from anywhere without added fees. Guests can receive text updates about their order, which is especially convenient for take-out orders or those seated outside far away from the pick-up counter.

5. Enhanced safety. According to a new survey from OpenTable, 70% of consumers said social distancing and proper safety precautions are still important to them when dining out post-pandemic. Contactless order and pay allows customers to feel safe as QR codes eliminate the need to physically touch menus or interact closely with servers.

Restaurant guests enjoy having more control of their dining experience, and they have become accustomed to the speed and convenience that contactless technology offers. With 88% of restaurants considering a permanent switch to digital menus in 2021, contactless dining has become an integral part of modern restaurant business operations.

The benefits of contactless dining technology extend far beyond the guest experience. Restaurants have noticed increased efficiency with QR codes. The recent labor shortage requires restaurants to optimize operations. Stay tuned for part two of this blog to learn how QR code order and pay can help restaurants serve 3x tables with their existing staff.