Presto, the restaurant industry’s leading enterprise technology platform, announces today that thousands of restaurants across the world have signed up for its free Contactless Dining Kit. The kit is an innovative solution that allows restaurant guests to use their personal mobile devices to accomplish necessary actions like ordering and paying, without the need for touching any foreign surface or contact with people outside of their dining party. Since its launch two weeks ago, the Contactless Dining Kit has received orders from over 5,000 restaurants including enterprise restaurant chains and small business owners in 22 countries across 5 continents, and all 50 states, with categories spanning from quick serve to fine dining.

Sushi Sakura near Houston, Texas is one of many restaurants that are deploying the free kit to provide a safe dining experience to guests. After being closed for dine-in for over two months, the Japanese restaurant had the opportunity to reopen on May 22 at half capacity and while following new social distancing protocols. The restaurant received its kit in the morning and was able to start using it on the same day. The kit enabled the restaurant to operate at maximum permissible capacity for its opening weekend while maintaining a 6 feet distance between servers and guests. The kit contributed to guests’ enthusiasm about returning to the restaurant and being able to dine safely, which resulted in higher average check sizes.

“I value the fact that they’re proactively thinking about my safety,” says restaurant guest Shawn Powers while dining at Sushi Sakura using the Contactless Dining Kit. “This makes me more comfortable about bringing my family back.”

Because guests were able to pay for the check at the table without waiting for the server and staff did not need to clean any menus or credit cards, the restaurant also saw significantly faster table turns.

“My restaurant has a strong reputation for providing safe and delicious meals,” says Eric Zhu, manager of Sushi Sakura. “With Presto’s free contactless technology, I can continue to do so despite COVID-19.”

Similarly, The Oxford Kitchen and Gastropub in Sunnyvale, California found it challenging to follow new state protocols that encourage the use of digital menus and contactless payment systems, as well as local guidance that requires social distancing between servers and guests. By using the Presto Contactless Dining Kit, the modern-day pub was able to successfully reopen for outdoor dining while meeting social distancing requirements. The owner was happy to welcome guests back again in a safe setting.

“We are really excited to be early adopters of this end-to-end contactless dining technology,” says Neil Ramarapu, owner of The Oxford Kitchen and Gastropub. “We needed a solution to reopen safely during COVID-19, and Presto was such a lifesaver. We started using the kit last weekend and the guests love it.”

The Contactless Dining Kit is completely free to restaurants of all sizes and categories. The kit allows guests to use their personal mobile devices to scan NFC tags and QR codes at restaurants to get waitlisted, view the complete menu, place orders, and pay with their phone at the table without interacting with staff members. The kit is helping restaurants reopen while operating efficiently under local regulations and public health guidelines. To order the kit, visit