As COVID-19 restrictions loosen throughout the United States, many Americans are returning to dining rooms. However, as guests return and sales slowly climb back up to pre-pandemic levels, restaurants are facing a new hurdle: labor shortage.

Millions lost their jobs during the pandemic, and despite current demands, many restaurant employees are choosing not to return to work. According to a recent report from CBS News, nearly four in 10 restaurants are facing a significant labor shortage. The impact on restaurants is immediate as restaurants are forced to limit capacity and reduce service hours due to a lack of staff.

QR Code order and pay technology is a quick, reliable, and inexpensive way for restaurant owners to overcome this hurdle. With the right technology, restaurants can serve more guests with their existing staff to manage increased demand. Below are 5 ways QR code technology can help restaurants boost labor productivity:

1. Serve Guests Faster. By scanning the QR code at their table, guests can view the full menu and place their order in less than 30 seconds. They can even redeem loyalty rewards and customize items on their phone. Guests ordering for pickup and to-go can do so by scanning a QR code on the website or at the restaurant, freeing up hosts and servers to focus on dine-in guests.

2. Serve More Tables with Less Staff. Servers no longer have to make several trips between the POS terminal and the guest’s table to process orders or payments. The traditional payment process can take up to more than 10 minutes. It requires the server to deliver the check, pick up the credit card, and return the credit card with the receipt. With contactless order and pay technology, guests can scan a QR code to view the check, make their payment, receive an emailed receipt, and leave a tip. Servers can instead focus on serving food, clearing tables, and making guests feel welcome.

3. Increase Table Turnover. With contactless payments, guests do not need to wait for servers to print out their check or receipt and return their credit card. Guests can view the check and pay for meals on their phones whenever they are ready to leave. The payment process is seamless and can save your restaurant a significant amount of time and labor.

4. Save Time on Menus. With QR code digital menus, staff no longer need to dedicate time to cleaning traditional menus or printing out disposable menus between shifts. Contactless dining enables guests to view a digital menu that can be updated at the click of a button.

5. Improve Guest Satisfaction. Using contactless QR code technology, guests can order additional items on demand and pay without waiting for a server each time. The system also helps guests feel safer. Guests no longer need to touch a physical menu or interact closely with staff members. The technology automatically provides personalized upsells to guests based on order history and recorded preferences, therefore increasing average check sizes.

Presto QR Code contactless order and pay solution enables restaurants to reopen at maximum permissible capacity without needing to hire more staff members. Our technology allows you to offer a superior and safe dining experience even while short-staffed. Better yet, over 70% of guests prefer restaurants that offer contactless order and pay. Click to read more about why restaurant guests prefer to go contactless.