The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the restaurant industry, but perhaps the most significant has been the rise of the contactless dining experience. According to a Datassential study, 82% of customers said that contactless payments would make them feel safe dining in, and 81% said the same about contactless ordering options. In fact, a study from September of 2020 found that one in seven Americans (13%) said they would only dine out at restaurants with contactless dining solutions.Now that you’ve made the switch to contactless dining, what’s next? How can you let your customers know you’re now offering contactless? How can you leverage this technology to enhance your business and thrive in the new age of hospitality? Let’s take a look at the top 5 best practices for making the most of your contactless solution.

Upload Menu Photos to Build Your Brand and Increase Average Check Size:

High-quality menu photos can boost check averages and guest loyalty. While traditional menus are costly and limiting, Presto Contactless enables you to easily edit and update your menu photos and descriptions in the Restaurant Portal, from anywhere! Schedule some time to take clear photos of your best-selling items and any dishes or drinks that you’d like to promote.

Offer Contactless Pickup and Online Ordering on Your Website:

Twenty percent of American consumers admit they spend more on online orders than traditional dine-in experiences. Sixty percent of American consumers order delivery or takeout once a week. To meet the increased demand for these channels, make sure you include a QR code or an ordering link for Presto Contactless directly on your website! This is a low-cost, strategic way of boosting traffic to your website and expanding revenue channels. Presto Contactless To-Go has no third-party fees, allowing you to keep to-go prices flat and avoid unnecessary costs.

Boost Traffic By Promoting your Contactless Solution on Social Media and Email:

As we mentioned earlier, one in seven Americans (13%) said they would only dine out at restaurants with contactless dining solutions. Entice customers to come back in for dine-in by letting them know about the steps you’re taking to offer a safe and convenient dining experience! Presto Contactless customers that promoted their use of QR code order & pay saw an increase in traffic and online orders.

Print To-Go Fliers to Increase Traffic and Reduce Costs.

Print flyers or business cards with your contactless QR code to hand to guests at the end of a meal. You can even attach your Presto Contactless QR code to pick up orders from Doordash and other delivery services to encourage guests to use your website for lower-priced pick-up and to-go orders without additional fees.

Use Posters and Outdoor Stands Outside Your Restaurant

Draw guests in for dine-in with signage outside your restaurant! Design a branded sign with your QR-code for the sidewalk or a QR-code poster for your window. Potential customers can view the menu while they wait to be seated or quickly place an order for to-go while stopping by. You can even create QR-code signs for your parking lot let guests order for pick-up from the comfort of their own cars.

We know implementing these 5 tips will help you make the most of your Contactless solution and enable you to thrive in the new normal of hospitality. Contact us at to discuss the best customized tips and solutions for your restaurant. Not signed up for Presto Contactless yet? Click here to learn more and get started today!