The modern consumer has new priorities when it comes to dining out, and one of the biggest is safety. With paper menus and receipts on their way out, restaurants are thinking more about how to keep staff and guests safe during an uncertain time. Contactless dining technology is sweeping the nation as restaurants leverage apps and QR code technology for viewing the menu, ordering, and payment.

When it comes to contactless, there is a difference in value between an integrated order and payment system and a menu-only solution. Guests get the most out of their dining experience when they can move through it with fulfillment at every touch point. Now more than ever, consumers want a seamless experience that delivers on safety and convenience.

Let’s dive into an analysis of the landscape and examine the various contactless categories and their advantages. We’ll look at contactless menus, order and payment, and compare takeout and delivery solutions against dine-in.

Contactless Methods

Menu Viewability

During the pandemic, many restaurants tried using laminated or paper menus to limit the spread of the virus. However, laminated menus require constant sanitation and disposable paper menus are harmful to the environment. That’s where QR code menus come in. Contactless menus are safe, convenient, and sustainable. Customers can feel comfortable knowing the scannable menu was never physically handled by previous parties or staff. Because mobile is so embedded in our culture, most people will happily adjust to this easy-to-use system. The digital environment of this technology is just an added bonus to the overall value proposition for customers.Ordering

When lockdown orders were at their strictest, restaurants heavily relied on remote and online ordering to withstand the turbulence in the industry. There are several options businesses have made available to their customers, whether it be on the website, via a first or third party app, SMS, or through QR code technology. The benefits of contactless ordering are numerous. It provides a safe, enhanced guest experience, streamlines operations, and increases throughput.Payment

Contactless payments began growing in popularity before the pandemic, but since then they have increased across the board. Over 50% of Americans are choosing contactless methods more frequently than cash payments. The CDC suggests Americans embrace this alternative wherever it is offered. At certain restaurants, guests can pay via QR code and leave sooner without having to wait on a server.

Contactless Channels

Takeout, Delivery & Beyond

Takeout and delivery are important venues to optimize during a time when many customers are avoiding dine in. By making these channels contactless, restaurants will cover more of their customer base.

Depending on the restaurant, guests may be able to order online, via mobile app, or QR code scan using the drive thru, parking lot, walkup window, curbside, takeout, or delivery.Dine-in

Customers who dine in can experience a fully contactless experience at participating restaurants. Many solutions offer QR code technology that directs to a mobile website so guests have the ability to view the menu, order, and pay without the hassle of an extra download. Orders go straight to the kitchen and can be added at any time. At the end of the meal, the guest pays on their phone and can leave at their leisure.

Choosing a Solution

We’ve now covered all the various methods and channels that contactless technology has to offer. What should you be thinking about in terms of integrating a solution at your restaurant? Systems that integrate a viewable menu with ordering and payment are much more valuable than the standalone menu. The more options you offer customers, the better. Find a contactless solution that is compatible with a variety of service channels, whether it’s simply takeout and delivery or a more innovative medium such as the walkup window.

We find that downloading a mobile app is more hassle than it’s worth for most customers. Presto Contactless offers a solution that integrates menu viewability, ordering, and payment through almost any service channel all through the power of QR code technology. The value extends from the drive thru to indoor dining, and beyond. Learn more about our technology at