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Human-like A.I. Voice Assistant to help manage your labor shortage.

We are excited about pioneering this new era for the industry in partnership with Presto, a leader in restaurant technology.

Frances Allen, President & CEO, Checkers & Rally’s


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Here are some unique ways in which Presto Voice can help your concept manage the labor shortage.

AI Voice Assistant

  • Takes automated human-like orders using powerful AI
  • Connects seamlessly with your drive-thru and POS systems
  • Integrates with Presto Vision for personalized transactions

Phone Order
AI Voice Assistant

  • Automates order-taking to prevent busy phone lines and long wait times
  • Takes automated human-like orders using powerful AI
  • Sends orders automatically to your POS system
  • Works with your existing phone ordering system

Dine-in Guest
AI Voice Assistant

  • Captures verbal menu orders quickly and accurately
  • Responds with answers to simple menu questions
  • Frees up staff to focus on more important tasks

Server Handheld
AI Voice Assistant

  • Captures the customer’s orders as the server verbally repeats it
  • Helps servers easily and quickly modify orders
  • Sends orders automatically to your POS system

Inventory Management
AI Voice Assistant

  • Gives the current status of orders and inventory
  • Captures updates for inventory counts
  • Takes re-orders via tablet in real-time

Staff Training
AI Voice Assistant

  • Answers menu item, item creation, and restaurant procedure questions
  • Allows staff to clock in and out of shifts
  • Helps staff quickly configure notifications and reminders


Watch these videos to discover how you can use Presto Voice to improve labor productivity.

Automated Order Taking [1:44]

Fast Dine-In Service [0:33]

Personalized Upselling [0:47]

Faster Drive-Thru Service [0:39]


Here are some unique benefits that Presto Voice brings to your concept.


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