Presto Voice

Highly accurate, automated speech recognition to improve labor productivity.



Watch these videos to discover how you can use Presto Voice to improve labor productivity.

Automated Order Taking [1:44]

Fast Dine-In Service [0:33]

Personalized Upselling [0:47]

Faster Drive-Thru Service [0:39]


Our Conversational AI technology interacts with your guests, takes orders, upsells, and communicates with the POS system. It enables faster transactions, improved order accuracy, larger check sizes, and happier guests for a variety of applications.


Here are some unique benefits that Presto Voice brings to your concept.

Key Features

Presto Voice has many powerful features that are designed to optimize everyday restaurant operations.

Voice Ordering

Accelerate transactions with voice-based ordering for the drive-thru, dine-in, or via phone.

Automated Upselling

Increase check sizes with cross-selling powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversational AI

Take automated orders using AI that provides a human-like guest experience.

POS Integration

Free up staff by automatically transmitting orders to your POS system and getting inventory information.

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