Presto Voice

A.I. Voice Assistant for Drive-thru Operations

Tackle the labor shortage, supercharge upselling, and speed up service. Have your customers drive away with a smile.

We are excited to be pioneers in this new era of drive-thru automation in partnership with Presto, a leader in restaurant technology.

Frances Allen, President & CEO, Checkers & Rally’s

Next Gen Drive-thru Technology

Presto Voice is a reliable virtual assistant available 24/7, with a consistently friendly and helpful demeanor. It never calls in sick and never gets bored of mundane tasks.

Over 95% of orders are processed with no human intervention – the highest in the industry. With 4x more upsells, Presto Voice is the clear leader in the industry.

Our system seamlessly connects with your existing POS and other systems without the need for any troubleshooting – easing your day-to-day concerns of operating a drive-thru.

Drive-thru Operator Benefits

With Presto Voice in place, labor costs fall and at the same time employee satisfaction goes up! You get a reliable FTE to take care of repetitive tasks round the clock. Employee satisfaction increases and retention of your most valuable staff members improves.

The conversational A.I. engine in Presto Voice has a direct impact on your revenue. It makes 4x more context-specific upsell attempts resulting in, on average, 30% higher check sizes.

Presto Voice minimizes delays due to staff miscommunication and human errors. As a result, customers receive orders faster and just how they want them.

Unique Features of Presto Voice

Presto Voice integrates effortlessly with your existing drive-thru speaker post since we designed it with maximum compatibility in mind.

There is no need to type in the menu since our A.I. engine automatically ingests your menu. It also processes customizations, specials, or other requests.

If you use a confirmation board, Presto Voice will easily integrate with it. Your customers see their orders on the board, just like they do now.

We also offer Presto Vision, a smart drive-thru analytics tool, that integrates with Presto Voice to help identify returning guests and optimize your day-to-day operations.

Why Choose Presto?

Champions in Accuracy

Thanks to the superior A.I. behind our products, Presto has been able to report upwards of 95% accuracy in automated order taking (AOT).

Tested & Proven at Scale

With over 300 million transactions completed and counting, Presto is present in thousands of stores nationwide.

Big Chains Trust Presto

We are proud to be serving many of the top 20 restaurant chains across the nation.

Modular & Adaptive

Presto Voice works with our vision & touch products, enabling you to automate and optimize other aspects of the drive-thru.


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Beyond the Drive-thru

AI Voice Assistant

Phone Ordering

Presto Voice has many other applications in addition to drive-thru automation. As a phone voice assistant it provides a human-like order-taking experience to prevent busy phone lines and long wait times. Our product is compatible with your existing phone ordering system and seamlessly integrates with any POS system.


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