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Did you know that 4 out of 5 restaurant chains choose Presto's pay-at-table tablets?

Presto devices are the most secure and support the widest range of payment options in the industry. We offer 1-2 day menu updates, customized branding, and great customer service. And best of all, the devices are completely free for you.

Here are a few reasons that make Presto so popular.

Tableside Payments

Make payment & bill splitting more convenient for your guests. Offer a superior, more secure experience to diners and turn tables 30% faster.

Free Tablet Guarantee

We guarantee that you will see a net increase in revenue using Presto. If you don't, we pay the difference -- making Presto completely free for you.

Larger Check Size

Historical financial transaction data indicates a 26% increase in check size for guests who order and pay through Presto.

Entertainment Revenue

Offer an exciting array of games on the tablet to keep guests entertained. Pay-for-play games are a great source of additional revenue.

More Guest Feedback

Get instant guest feedback on server attentiveness, service speed, and food quality. Response rates are 20X higher than other survey methods.

Happier Guests

From a recent guest survey, 90% felt that Presto improves their restaurant experience and 81% would come back because of it.

We are proud to partner with many of the leading restaurant chains in the nation.