Best Pay-At-Table Experience

Secure. Convenient. Future-Proof.

Accepts virtually any form of payment

Chip & Signature

Most prevalent form of EMV, but vulnerable to theft and counterfeiting 

Chip & PIN

Most secure implementation of EMV cards available


The PIN Pad allows PIN-Debit transactions that lower transaction processing costs

Point to Point Encryption

Encrypted magnetic stripe allows P2PE transactions, removing POS systems from scope

NFC Payments

NFC capability for contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

QR Codes

QR Code Reader for payment or marketing promotions

Dedicated Security Processor

Dual processor architecture securely isolates the payment processing from all other applications

Store & Forward

“Store and Forward” capability so that guests can continue to pay even if the restaurant loses internet connectivity


Presto Tabletops are capable of much more than payments

Collect 20X more guest feedback surveys

Presto collects guest feedback right after payment is complete, allowing you to collect 500-700 detailed data points each month on server attentiveness, speed of service, food quality, restaurant ambience, and anything else you desire to learn about.

Entertainment options engage guests and drive revenue

The catalog includes single-player, couples games and real-time multiplayer games that will increase guest engagement across your stores and spark memorable social interactions.

On-demand ordering boosts sales

Guests can place orders for any food item at any time, and PrestoPrime will never forget to up sell them. Watch alcohol, sides and dessert sales go up by 20-30%.

Notify managers of unhappy guests

Presto has functionality to notify management of guests unhappy with their experience and in danger of "defecting" from your brand.

Eliminate Chargebacks

How much are you paying for credit card fraud today? Eliminate all EMV-related chargebacks with Presto, potentially saving up to $4,000 per store per year.

Restaurants Everywhere are Benefiting from
The Presto System

The Presto System is installed and operational in thousands of restaurant locations nationwide. More than a million guests use the Presto System everyday and it processes more than a billion dollars annually. Our system also allows restaurants to scale an enterprise-grade solution, while empowering restaurant operators to make smarter business decisions and unlock a higher Return on Investment (ROI).


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