Innovative technologies that solve everyday QSR challenges.

Our highly customizable solutions enable quick service restaurants (QSR) to increase throughput and improve customer loyalty. You can better manage drive-thru / in-store queues, personalize guest experience, take secure payments anywhere, and predict bottlenecks.

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Computer Vision

Our computer vision solution enables you to accurately measure and optimize every part of your service line.

Using a couple of cameras and artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, our system can measure line lengths and processing times in real time. This enables you to quickly identify bottlenecks, reduce opt-outs, trigger manager notifications, and get in-depth insights across your whole fast food chain.

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Contactless Order & Pay

Enable guests to view the menu, order, and pay with their own phone without waiting in the drive-thru.

Our contactless solution enables guests to view the complete menu, place orders, and pay from the parking lot. By scanning a QR code sign, guests can access the menu, add items to their order, and view the check using their phone. Guests can also prepay for their online order. This speeds up the guest experience during peak traffic hours and enables seamless order pickup.

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Line Buster

Our line buster tablets are reliable, include payment capability, and cost only a fourth of leading competitors.

These tablets enable your staff to enter orders, take payments (optional), and pull up guest profiles with past orders & customizations -- all from the palm of their hands. This speeds up both drive-thru and in-store lines, eliminates opt-outs, and provides a better customer experience.

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Voice Ordering

Increase speed of service and improve order accuracy with voice recognition, while enhancing guest satisfaction based on real-time voice analysis.

Our speech recognition technology offers guests voice-based ordering at drive-thru windows. It enables smarter recommendations, personalization, and satisfaction measurement based on a real-time analysis of the voice. This accelerates transactions and improves order accuracy for happier guests.

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Presto's kiosks are highly secure, support a wide range of payment options, and enable easy on-demand ordering.

Our kiosk solution helps you speed up lines, free counter staff, and eliminate opt-outs. It enables guests to order and pay from a convenient user interface. Guest rewards, upsells, past order history, and personalized recommendations are always available.

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Digital Menu Board

Identify repeat guests and display personalized recommendations to increase check sizes, while promoting items with short preparation time when queues are long.

Our digital menu boards can adjust dynamically in real time based on guest preferences, time of day, and other operating factors. Our platform stores detailed data on guest allergies, dietary restrictions, food preparation, drink pairings, and service preferences that can be used to personalize menus. This results in faster service, increased revenue, and a superior guest experience.

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