Broadway Masala: Innovating Upscale Dining

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February 3, 2017


Company Profile

Broadway Masala is a contemporary fine dining restaurant well-known for its gourmet Indian cuisines inspired by seasonal ingredients and local produce. The restaurant, which is helmed by world-renowned chef Anupam Bhatia and located in Redwood City, California, showcases the diversity of Indian cuisine along with innovative cocktails, fine wines and craft beers.


Creating an upscale dining environment is all about delivering first-class service and offering guests the finest foods. Broadway Masala sought to modernize its guest experience while retaining its upscale identity, in a way that would complement and boost the quality of service while also promoting its unique items and eliminating unnecessary wait times.
We were thrilled to discover how much tablets can boost guest experience at our fine dining concept! We have been able to significantly increase visibility of our promotions, menu items and other specials with tablets. By using tablets as a visual menu and a hub for guest payment and feedback, we have been able to iterate and make the right changes to create an ideal fine-dining environment.

Anupam Bhatia - Broadway Masala's Owner




  • Allocate Servers to Spend More Quality Time with Guests: Fine dining hinges on the combination of world-class food and excellent service, where the guest's every need is attended to by a vigilant and professional staff. Broadway Masala chose the PrestoPrime Tablet to allow servers to spend more quality time with guests by eliminating wasted effort in their daily routines, freeing up the time needed to provide even better service than they could previously.
  • Servers Sell Menu and Restaurant Brand More: Leveraging the PrestoPrime Tablets with embedded menus, servers were able to utilize the tablet's rich imagery to upsell menu items. Instead of verbally explaining each item, servers could show guests mouth-watering visuals to generate enthusiasm. Broadway's operators noted the tablets successfully promoted the restaurant's catering program and high-margin menu items, such as desserts which increased by 15% in sales.
  • Improved Quality of Service with Less Wasted Time & Errors:Along with digital menus, servers could utilize the PrestoPrimes to help guests order and pay quickly at the table, eliminating wasted time servers had previously spent walking back and forth to the POS station. Broadway Masala servers utilized PrestoPrime’s Server Mode, a mode built for servers to quickly process orders at the table. This mode reduces the chance of error and improves the overall service. Overall, with the Presto system, the guest saves around 10 minutes per visit, and the server saves around 5 minutes per guest.
  • Managers Love Guest Data Collected From Presto:To build a thriving fine dining business, knowing the guest is critical to success. That is why Victor Fernandes, Broadway Masala’s manager, relies on the reports generated from the Presto, which provide accurate guest identification results as well as guest feedback on server performance, cleanliness of the restaurant and food. Broadway Masala was able to collect 100X more guest feedback with the Presto system than was possible previously!


Broadway Masala was so successful with the Presto system that it installed the Presto in its sister restaurant, Spice Affair -- an even higher-end fine-dining establishment. This is because Broadway Masala found that guest feedback on the Presto system was highly positive, and the restaurant was able to increase sales via upsell of attractive desserts and appetizers, while maintaining a highly efficiency labor-force.