Secure pay-at-table tablets supporting the widest range of payment options.

Our tablets enable guests to make payments, split bills, provide instant feedback, order food & drinks, and play games -- all from the table. This results in a personalized guest experience, larger check size, and more guest insights available to your marketing team.

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Advanced Security

Presto has more security features than any other similar solution in the restaurant industry. Our strong, Silicon Valley based engineering team assures that your pay-at-table experience is secure now and is future-proofed.

Widest Payment Options

Presto supports all the latest EMV and mobile payment technologies. It also has a “store & forward” capability allowing guests to pay even if the restaurant loses internet connectivity.

More Than Payments

Presto's tablets have a broad range of additional functionality in addition to payments. They enable guests to order on demand, play games, watch videos, and provide instant feedback -- all from the table.