Significantly Improve Drive-Thru Operations

Presto Quick Serve can help your restaurants improve operational efficiency without hiring more staff, while keeping your guests and staff safe. We speed up drive-thru service times and improve the overall guest experience using technologies like computer vision, digital menus, and voice recognition.

Best of all, you can get started today with no disruption to your current operations. Over 100 million guests use our systems each month—making us one of the largest providers of restaurant technology in the world.

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We're Here To Help.

Presto Quick Serve gives your restaurant the technology to succeed in today's unpredictable environment. Our team is here to help you deploy our proven technology without any disruption to your current operations. Get started today and see your key metrics improve by 30-50% in just a few days.

Speed Up the Line

Our computer vision technology measures line lengths & processing time to expedite wait times. Presto enables you to quickly identify bottlenecks, reduce opt-outs, trigger manager notifications, and get in-depth insights across all of your restaurants.

Optimize Staffing

With powerful kiosks and line buster tablets, you can free up the counter and move employees to the car window for fast, contactless ordering and payment. Our technology makes predictions that enable you to better manage demand so unexpected rushes or slow days don’t equate to more frustration.

Stay Safe

Customers are looking for safe and fast dining experiences. With our contactless technology, staff and guests can feel 100% confident that any concerns are eliminated.


Presto Quick Serve includes a whole range of solutions designed to help your business operate efficiently during uncertain times.

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Drive Thru

We’ve reimagined the drive thru experience to make it faster and more scalable. Customers can order and pay using QR codes right after entering the line so their meal is ready by the time they reach the window.

Orders placed via the intercom can also be paid for using contactless systems. During unexpected rushes, handheld line busters can help your staff speed things up.

Parking Lot

Extend your drive thru to the parking lot. By simply placing our QR code stickers in your parking lot, you can decrease wait times further and get more business. Customers get food delivered to them all from the comfort of their own car.


Whether it be via your website, phone, or QR code on a mobile device we enable you to give your customers more takeout ordering and payment options. With more people choosing alternative methods, you can deliver on safety and convenience every time.

Walk-up Window

As walk-up windows and tables become more prevalent during the pandemic, our technology offers unique contactless ordering and payment options.

Make the hole-in-the-wall model stick by enabling customers to walk up and place their orders using a QR code or a kiosk.