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Shorter Lines. Faster Service Times.

Significantly increase drive-thru performance with Presto Vision.

Many QSR leaders are investing in technology to mitigate some of their most critical drive-thru challenges.

Presto Vision is a unique artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology that can help solve drive-thru pain points related to ordering, wait times, operations, and staffing.

Measure wait times down to 1/5th of a second

Get real-time visibility into drive-thrus at all of your locations from anywhere. Presto computer vision technology accurately measures wait times around the clock so your team can focus on serving faster.

Obtain actionable insights & trends

Understand exactly how factors like certain days and times of the week, weather, holidays and seasons impact your wait times.

Predict peaks & slow periods

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology in Presto generates predictive reports based on data from the same store as well as other lookalike stores to predict peaks and slow periods so that your team stays ahead of the rush.

Discover hidden bottlenecks & opportunities

Get deep insights into every phase of the drive-thru process across all shifts to discover bottlenecks, logistics and training opportunities for shorter service time.

Optimize staffing, operations & menus

Leverage offline analyses in Presto to get scheduling, staffing, and menu design ideas to maximize throughput.