Cruise Through the Labor Shortage

Presto has unique technology solutions that help you scale and thrive without hiring more staff. Offer a premium experience to guests while operating with fewer front-of-house staff.

Key Products

We know that time is of essence right now. Our teams are ready to get these Presto products running at your stores in just a few days.

Server Assistant / Line Buster

These tablets help each server bus twice as many tables. In line buster mode, they can be deployed to quickly clear drive-thru or order line congestion. Staff can view guest profiles, enter orders, and take payments -- all from the palm of their hands.

Tabletop Order & Pay

Our tablets enable guests to order food & drinks, make payments, split bills, provide instant feedback, and play games -- all from the table. This frees up your staff to serve more tables and results in a richer guest experience.


Our speech recognition technology offers guests voice-based ordering in the drive-thru and other restaurant settings. It enables faster transactions, improved order accuracy, and happier guests.

Computer Vision

You can measure & optimize your service line using a couple of cameras & artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to achieve the highest operational efficiency.

Select Customers

Our technology has served over 300,000 guests at thousands of concepts across the globe. Here are a select few.
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