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Presto Vision

Smart AI-driven analytics to optimize your everyday restaurant operations.

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Watch these videos to discover how you can use Presto Vision to improve your restaurant operations.

Greater Order Accuracy [0:44]

Personalized Line Busting [0:44]

Re-Identification [0:46]

Attentive Dine-In Service [0:28]

How It Works

Presto Vision uses a few strategically located wide-angle cameras and powerful AI algorithms to offer unique real-time insights. It makes your drive-thru smart (A), improves order accuracy and makeline monitoring (B), and provides rich in-store analytics (C).


Here are some unique benefits that Presto Vision brings to your concept.

Key Features

Presto Vision has many powerful features that are designed to optimize everyday restaurant operations.


Quickly identify repeat customers to offer them personalized menus and items.

Staff Enablement

Surface information to line-busting tablets for real-time alerts and menu modifications.

Real-Time Menu Optimization

Promote items with short preparation times when queues are long.

Error Detection

Detect errors during food preparation.

Wait Time Measurement

Notify managers to deploy line-busting tablets when drive-thru wait times or abandonment rates are high.