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Learn How Presto Can Help You Serve 3x the Guests Without Hiring and Training More Staff

With Presto QR Code, guests can view the menu, place orders, and pay from the convenience of their own device.

Key Benefits

Presto drives revenue for your restaurant and improves guest experience, while saving you on labor costs.

Improve Staff Productivity

Staff can spend more time with guests or bus more tables.

Keep Guests and Staff Safe

Guests can view the menu, order, pay, and more without the need for human contact.

Maximize Revenue

Accept orders and payments anywhere.

Enhance Guest Experience

Personalize guest profiles, send targeted promotions, and encourage repeat visits.

Most Trusted Contactless Brand.

With over 100 million guests already using Presto every month and 300,000+ systems shipped, we are the largest provider of contactless restaurant technology in the U.S. and Europe.

How It Works

Guests can access contactless ordering and payment via a mobile website without needing to download an app.

Contactless Menu

Contactless Menu

By scanning a QR code, guests can view the full menu, add items to their order, and view the check using their phone.
Contactless Order

Contactless Order

Once they place the order, it is displayed on our tablet next to the POS device. Our system allows additional items to be added to your POS device at any time.
Contactless Pay

Contactless Payment

Guests can pay the check securely using their own phone.

Product Features

Our solution includes everything you need to get started with contactless dining. It offers a variety of features that you can pick and choose per your specific needs. We offer multiple free delivery options.

  • Quick Start Kit with a tablet to display orders, table tent cards, and QR code stickers
  • Mobile menu that can be created online
  • Web portal for easy menu-editing
  • Order and pay options for fully contactless in-house dining
  • Menu and pay options for ordering through a server
  • Preorder and pay options for dine-in or takeout orders
  • Phone order payment for orders placed over the phone
  • Kitchen ticket printer to enable your staff to get started as soon as the QR code order is placed
  • Customizable To Go options that allow you to adjust takeout menu and pricing
  • Personalized guest profiles that show dietary preferences and past orders
  • Email collection for targeted promotions to encourage repeat visits
  • Guest surveys and reporting on safety, service speed, and food quality
  • Loyalty integration for easy reward redemption
  • Pay-At-Table Tablet with online ordering and payment capabilities
  • Computer Vision that measures social distancing and tracks occupancy
  • Server Handheld for servers to enter orders and take payments with


Our contactless solution is used by restaurants of all types. See what some restaurateurs and guests are saying about us.

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