Operational Benefits of
Presto Pay At Table

Guest-facing tabletop technology is affecting how restaurants conduct their daily operations and think about the bottom line.

Presto Pay At Table is installed and operational in more than 1,800 restaurant locations nationwide. Presto Pay At Table is empowering restaurant owners and operators to make smarter business decisions and unlock higher ROI.


Your Proven Pay At Table E-Commerce Partner

The system has a proven record of improving restaurant operations and providing a significant positive financial impact, including:

30% Increase in Table Turns

26% Increase in Check Size

Long Wait Times?

Is your restaurant lobby constantly filled with guests waiting to be seated? Some guests might not even make it to the table due to frustrations with wait time. Presto Pay At Table can help alleviate long waits by improving table turns by up to 30% when it's used for ordering and payment.

Boost Front-Of-House Efficiencies

Due to recent labor reform policies and minimum wage increases, restaurant operators are increasingly under pressure to meet staffing requirements while sustaining profitability. In an industry known for tight profit margins, restaurant owners and operators need to make smart business decisions. Presto Pay At Table allows operators to make data-driven decisions that not only take into account their back-of-house operational needs but a myriad of other factors such as individual employee performance and increasing guest demands. Additionally, operators can save or re-deploy roughly 2.36 FOH labor hours per day by deploying the Presto.

Improving Table Turns Through Pay At Table

Approximately 15 billion minutes are wasted annually when guests wait for their check. Time is money and time wasted is inefficient. Allowing guests to pay at their table reduces the back-and-forth between server and guest when paying the bill, allowing your guests to leave when they want and empowering you to serve more guests each day.