An Amazing Team

How We Work

At Presto we’re building a collaborative environment that lets our brilliant team members express their creativity and ingenuity in a free-flowing, semi-structured environment. Everyone at Presto loves to take on new challenges, which translates to a culture of learning, curiosity, and a shared drive to succeed.

What We Do

Together, we modernize restaurant dining-rooms with our tools. Our products enhance the guest dining experience, streamline operations, and increase our clients’ brand value. With Presto, diners can order food, provide feedback, play games, and pay their bill at the table, without waiting. Our system includes not only specialized hardware, but also a complete software solution designed to meet the specialized needs of restaurants.

Why It Matters

Like most people, we are frequent restaurant patrons ourselves, and think the current dining room experience is broken. The right technology can fix many of the problems suffered at restaurants, and also make more money for both the waitstaff and the restaurant. Restaurants are thin-margin businesses and every extra dollar makes a big difference to them.

Working at Presto

Presto was founded out of MIT in 2008 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley’s downtown Redwood City, next to restaurants, shops, and multiple theaters. We have Friday Happy Hours where folks get to chow down, play games, kick back, and hang out.

Our team members hail from every corner of the world and share a variety of interests outside work. We’re a close-knit group that loves to welcome new teammates.