Next Generation
Front-Of-House Technology

We offer the restaurant industry’s only end-to-end front-of-house technology platform with powerful solutions for guests, servers, and managers. Explore our solutions to see how you can use next generation technology to accelerate growth, increase profitability, and enhance guest experience.


Why Presto?

Our solutions enable you to modernize your guest experience by bringing in next generation front-of-house technology. This enables you to solve many of your existing challenges and gain unique insights to optimize your business.

Server Handheld

Increase server productivity, provide better service with faster food delivery and fewer errors, and reduce costs with our Server Handheld solution.

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Our PrestoPrime Tabletop solution allows your guests to easily browse the menu, order, provide feedback and pay at the table with virtually any payment card or mobile payment system.

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Instantly notify servers when guests need assistance or there are kitchen delays. Notify management about unhappy guests who are in danger of never returning to your restaurant.

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Analytics & A.I.

Data is the lifeblood of the modern restaurant but are you making the best use of it? Our Analytics & Artificial Intelligence solution leverages highly granular transaction data, customer segmentation, and a large volume of integrated customer surveys to provide actionable recommendations and predictive modeling to help boost your business.

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Computer Vision

Use computer vision and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to track performance and noteworthy events. Learn about excessively long waits, untidy lobbies, unavailable hosts, and customer bounce rates in real time.

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