3 out of every 4 drive-thru A.I.
voice assistants are Presto.

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What We Offer

We offer the restaurant industry’s most widely adopted A.I.-powered drive-thru voice assistant. Our solution has the richest feature set, is easy to install at scale, offers 24/7 availability, and delivers proven ROI. Watch this short video to see Presto Voice in action.

Fast Installation. Proven ROI.

A typical installation of Presto Voice takes just a few hours and requires no disruption of your drive-thru operations. And once deployed, the results are magical!
277 k


Number of Presto products deployed across the nation.
$35 k/yr

labor savings

Average annual labor cost savings per store using Presto Voice.
$330 k/yr

upsell revenue

Average annual upsell revenue per store using Presto Voice.
+68 %

repeat customers

Increase in repeat customers through Presto technology.

Proven at Scale

The vast majority of drive-thru voice A.I. systems currently operational in the United States are powered by Presto.
With over 277,000 products deployed, we have the experience and expertise to quickly operationalize enterprise-grade systems at scale.
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Greater Reliability

Our voice A.I. system operates at peak efficiency 24/7 all year round. Over 95% of the orders are taken with no human intervention.
Presto Voice provides increased order accuracy and ultimate reliability.
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Integrated Ecosystem

Presto Voice is even more powerful when augmented with Presto Vision, another A.I.-powered product that provides 16 unique operational metrics on drive-thru performance.
This unique real-time performance data helps reduce wait time and increase order accuracy, leading to a superior guest experience.
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