The Presto Mail Service is Shutting Down

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: When is the Presto Printing Mailbox service shutting down?

A: The Presto Mail service that communicates with all Presto Printing Mailboxes will cease operation the morning of September 2, 2017.

Q: Why is the Presto Mail service shutting down?

A: A number of factors forced this decision: declining enrollment, lack of new subscriptions, the age of the technical systems that the Presto service uses, the time and cost of service upkeep and running the business. Believe us, we did not want this to happen, but we now have no choice.

Q: Will you be contacting the Presto Printing Mailbox users directly?

A: We will only be contacting the registered Presto Account Managers because we know from our experience over the years that their wish is to leave family communications to the family.

Q: I recently received a request for a one-time pledge grant of $99 to help keep the Presto service going, what happened?

A: In an effort to raise money to prevent a shutdown, we recently asked Presto subscribers whether they would support a one-time pledge grant of $99 in exchange for a promise to keep the service running through 2018. We received an overwhelmingly supportive and positive response from those who responded to our request. Unfortunately, only a bit more than half of subscribers responded at all. This resulted in us not being able to acquire enough funds to ensure we could keep our promise of running the service through 2018. Therefore, we have not accepted any of the pledge money, and the decision was made to shut down the service.

Q: Will all parts of the Presto Printing Mailbox service be stopping?

A: Yes. Billing for subscription renewals and all Automatic Supplies Subscription billing and shipments have already stopped. After September 2, 2017, email messages sent to Presto Printing Mailboxes will no longer be delivered, Presto Newsstand deliveries will cease, and the PrestoConnect service portal will no longer be available.

Q: If I am signed up for PrestoDailySmile, will that service stop as well?

A: Yes, the free PrestoDailySmile service will cease operation at the same time as Presto Mail.

Q: If I am a current subscriber, will I get a refund for the unused portion of my Presto Mail subscription?

A: To the extent the company is able, it is our goal to offer pro-rated refunds for the unused portion of customers' remaining subscriptions. We hope to pay out these refunds over the next several months to all who request them (see next question).

Q: How do I request a refund for the remaining portion of my subscription?

A: If you do not wish to request a refund, you do not need to do anything (see next question for reasons why). If you do wish to request a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your service, please send an email to and include these four items 1) your full name, 2) your email address, 3) the Presto email address of your mailbox user (i.e., and 4) the US mailing address where you wish to receive your refund check. Note: we can only process refunds from persons whose name and email address are listed as the official Presto Account Manager.

Q: Why should I consider not requesting a refund?

A: If you are an annual subscriber and are nearing your anniversary date, you may prefer to forego a refund request to help Presto close down the Presto Mail service as best we can. We have been working for years, most of us nights and weekends while working at other jobs, with our only goal being to serve you, our customers. It would be much appreciated if you would "pay it forward" by helping us in this way. No one will be profiting from shutting down the Presto Mail service.

Q: What do I do with the Presto Printing Mailbox?

A: Please unplug the Presto Printing Mailbox as soon as possible. If you have an electronics recycling service nearby, we suggest you use that. If not, just dispose of it in accordance with your local guidelines for disposal of electronic waste.

Q: How do I contact someone at Presto?

A: The Presto Mail service is being shut down, so we will not be able to answer calls or emails regularly. If you must contact us, please send an email to or leave a voicemail at (650) 265-7011. We're sorry but we cannot promise to respond to every email or voicemail.

It has truly been an honor to serve this community. We sincerely wish the best for you and your family.

The Presto Team

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